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Kevin Cheung

Kevin, Cheung Wai Chun is a product designer based in Hong Kong, graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnics, School of Design in 2009.

He believes in a world of environmental crisis we are facing, designers have the responsibility to re-create the world for the better. Designs have to be sustainable by enriching the environment, users as well as the society.

Instead of continually draining new resources / materials to create new products, Kevin is experimenting with waste materials, reusing them to create new products and also collaborating with different NGOs to produce the products locally. He wishes to inspiring people to have a new perspective of the way products are being made and consume through his works.




Wallpaper Wallet

Wallpaper wallet is made of reclaimed high quality wall-covering materials. These are constant wastage from the outdated sample booklet. These wallcovering material are rugged, waterproof yet have a vibrant colors and textures. Perfect to be revitalized and made into wallets with a simple and functional profile. Each wallet is different since every page of the sample booklet has an unique color and texture.